"Money often costs too much."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
"That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest."
~ Henry David Thoreau
A cartoon recently ran on the editorial page: A very large sport-utility vehicle was releasing a large belch while someone's hand desperately reached out from inside the fuel door, a gas pump lying on the ground beneath. This humorous observation on rising gas prices immediately brought to mind the question, "Are we the consumers, or the consumed?"
As the rising cost of fuel forces prices for everything else to rise in tandem, we are likewise forced to consider just how much we're willing to consume and at what cost. As you plan for your future and retirement, forget about all the hoopla surrounding the privatization of Social Security and consider another strategy: Don't spend your money (or at least not as much of it as you have been)!
Think what you might get for $1,000: a new sleeper couch, 2 Super Bowl tickets, a riding lawnmower, a three-day weekend getaway? Regardless of how useful or entertaining any of these options might be, imagine how much $1,000 could really cost you.
Let's say you're thirty years from retirement and are lucky enough to be managing a mutual fund with a steady return of 10%. (That's really not unreasonable if you are highly pro-active and educated in your investments.) If you spend that $1,000, instead of contributing it to your investment fund, you'll have reduced your future savings by at least $17,400!
Do you want that $1,000 now or do you want that $17,400 in the future? Play around with the figures all you want, but the truth will remain constant: wealthy people get that way and stay that way by pinching pennies. Keep your goals well in sight, and avoid the temptation to be consumed by consumerism!



FOR year 2017, Listed below are the basic real estate STATS for TRILOGY, VISTANCIA and BLACKSTONE. As of Thursday, the 21st  day of DECEMBER 2017


TRILOGY.....FACT    Presently there are 57 resale homes for sale info Trilogy, and 12 homes under pending StatusThere have been 200 resale homes SOLD since beginning 2017 (The average SOLD price for those sales were $404,227 or $192.92 per sq.ft. and average days on the market were 111 days.


VISTANCIA.....FACT has 49 resale home for sale, and 7 homes under Pending Status. There have been 207 resale homes SOLD since the beginning 2017. (The average SOLD price for those sales were $318,537 or $129.34 per sq.ft., average days on the market were 74 days.)


BLACKSTONE ....FACT   Has 12 resale homes for sale, and 1 homes under Pending Status. There were 35 SOLD since beginning 2017(The average SOLD price for those sales were $571,110 or $175.11 per sq.ft., average days on the market were 151 days.

**As of 12/11 the highest priced home SOLD in TRILOGY for the past 6 months was $715,000 SOLD 7/3/2017.

**As of 12/11 the highest priced home SOLD in VISTANCIA for the past 6 months was $597,000 sold 10/1/2017


**As of 12/11 the highest priced home SOLD in BLACKSTONE since the beginning of 2017 is $975,000 SOLD 7/17/2017.

Surprisingly, there are only 645 homes for sale in ALL of PEORIA at this date! 


MAJOR FACT ....For the year 2016, of the 173 resale homes sold in Trilogy, 34 units were sold by RE/MAX, 182 homes sold in Vistancia, 41 sold by RE/MAX and 31 homes sold in Blackstone, 13 sold by RE/MAX. There's a reason, ask me why?

DID YOU KNOW   In Maricopa County, there are only ,17,551 resale homes for sale. This figure of 17 to 20 thousand home inventory in Maricopa has been consistent for about 5 years. 

TEAM Lee Moore will always bring you updated/accurate real estate information taken directly  from our localMLS(Multiple Listing Service). Thank you, Lee Moore Sr,