"Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little."
~ Edmund Burke
"Inches make a champion."
~ Vince Lombardi
During an NFL matchup, one of the announcers observed that the favored team’s quarterback had been guilty of trying to do too much on the field. Apparently linemen, receivers, and running backs had not been pulling their weight last season, and the quarterback was feeling all of the pressure to produce a winning performance for the team.
What changes did the coaching staff make? For one, they brought in players who could run the ball better and more often, relieving their offensive leader of having to throw so many passes. With other players stepping up their performances, the quarterback didn’t feel so much pressure, and his completion percentage went way up.
It’s a classic case of “less is more.” When the pressure is released and we feel that we don’t have to do so much, we actually feel free to do more! We learn to share the responsibility with those who are there to support us when we let go of our “universe will end if I don’t make this work” mentality.
By asking others to step up and share responsibility, we become more successful. It should never be up to one person to make the project work, although having a leader helps keep everything organized and focused.
The leader understands that success is not all about leaps and bounds. It’s about each individual taking the right small steps that will carry everyone forward. Louis L’Amour wrote that "victory is won not in miles, but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later win a little more."
Don’t make the mistake of doing nothing because you think you can only do a little. On the flip side, don’t try to do everything because you feel you must. Sometimes doing less will allow you to do even more.


LISTED BELOW ARE THE REAL ESTATE STATS FOR THE COMMUNITIES OF TRILOGY, VISTANCIA and BLACKSTONE. Here at TEAM Lee Moore, we hope you have enjoyed our posting the weekly real estate STATS we publish in our TRILOGY E-NEWSLETTER known as "MONDAY MORNING COFFEE".....since 2004!! 

                                   TRILOGY REALTY FACTS 


FOR year 2018, Listed below are the basic real estate STATS for TRILOGY, VISTANCIA and BLACKSTONE. As of Monday the 29th    day of January 2017


TRILOGY.....FACT    Presently there are 53 resale homes for sale info Trilogy, and 24 homes under pending Status. There have been 9 resale homes sold since the beginning of this year 2018

VISTANCIA.....FACT has 45 resale homes for sale, and 23 homes under Pending Status. There have been 9 homes since the beginning of this year, 2018.

BLACKSTONE.....FACT   has 11 resale home for sale, and 4 homes under Pending Status . There has been 1 home sold since the beginning of this year, 2018.


**As of 1/29/2018 the highest priced home SOLD in TRILOGY for the past 6 months was $715,000 SOLD 7/3/2017.

**As of 1/29/2018 the highest priced home SOLD in VISTANCIA for the past 6 months was $597,000 sold 10/1/2017


**As of 1/29/2018 the highest priced home SOLD in BLACKSTONE since the beginning of 2017 is $975,000 SOLD 7/17/2017.

Surprisingly, there are only 626 homes for sale in ALL of PEORIA at this date! 



IN FIGURING the final tally for resale homes sold for year 2017, TRILOGY sold 203 homes, VISTANCIA sold 207 homes and BLACKSTONE sold 36 homes. A very good year for all of these communities!  (Trilogy sold 173 for year 2016)


DID YOU KNOW   In Maricopa County, there are only ,16,503 resale homes for sale. This figure of 17 to 20 thousand home inventory in Maricopa has been consistent for about 5 years. 





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