** We are starting our new 2018 issues of "Monday Morning Coffee" Trilogy E-News, with great info about homes in General and real estate STATS, much more. No many sales yet starting the new year, so we will bring you updated real estate STATS for the major communities of TRILOGY, VISTANACIA and BLACKSTONE....Hope you enjoy! 

FOR year 2018, Listed below are the basic real estate STATS for TRILOGY, VISTANCIA and BLACKSTONE. As of MEMORIAL DAY,  MONDAY the 27th 

  day of August 2018.


TRILOGY.......Presently there are 45 resale homes for sale info Trilogy, and 12 homes under pending Status. There have been 119 homes sold since 1/1/18. The or average sold price is $430,328 or per sq.ft. is $204.19 per sq.ft.  Average days on the market is 96.



VISTANCIA......Presently there are 56 resale home for sale, and 23 homes under Pending StatusThere have been 137 homes sold since 1/1/18.The Average sold price is now at $345,290 or $138.23 per sq.ft. Average days on the market is 77.



BLACKSTONE ......Presently there are 8 resale homes for sale, and 5 homes under Pending StatusThere have been 16 homes sold since 1/1/18. The Average SOLD price is $690,556 or $200.14 per sq.ft. Average days on the market is 173.  


**As of 6/21/2018 the highest priced home SOLD in TRILOGY for the past 6 months was $825,000 SOLD 4/18/2018

**As of  6/19/2018 the highest priced home SOLD in VISTANCIA for the past 6 months was $610,000 sold 4/30/2018

**As of 6/19/2018 the highest priced home in BLACKSTONE was 1,300,000 SOLD 6/14/2018.



Surprisingly, there are only 694 homes for sale in ALL of PEORIA at this date! 



DID YOU KNOW   In Maricopa County, there are only15,422 resale homes for sale. This figure of 17 to 20 thousand home inventory in Maricopa has been consistent for about 7 years. 

TEAM Lee Moore will always bring you updated/accurate real estate information taken directly  from our local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Thank you, Lee Moore 




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