We are repeating end of year 2017 STATS as there is not much to add for NEW STATS.

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"I compensate for big risks by always doing my homework and being well-prepared. I can take on larger risks by reducing the overall risk."
~ Donna E. Shalala
There has been a very amusing but very telling commercial on television in recent times. If you haven’t seen it, try to guess what it might be promoting...
The scene is set in a small Italian village, with excited townsfolk lined up on a bridge spanning a wide river. A man stands at the edge of the bridge, with large “wings” constructed of fabric, metal and wood attached and spread wide on his back.
The man jumps, the onlookers gasp, he begins to flap madly, and then soars beautifully over the water. The crowd goes wild, cheering, “He can fly! He can fly!” But one wizened old gentleman in their midst turns to admonish them, “But he can’t swim...”
The next frames show the great innovator crashing into the river, and presumably meeting his demise. It’s no “accident” that this ad is for an insurance company!
Just as we should never fear to push our boundaries or attempt great things, we should also never overlook the possibility of failure. We also shouldn’t remain so focused on our goal that we ignore all other possible outcomes.
Confidence is a critical ingredient of success, but humility is what carries us through to our ultimate goal. The fact that the Titanic sank has been a popular illustration of this principle, “pride before the fall.” Like our friend in the insurance commercial, even Icarus did not consider that the wax in his wings would melt if he came too near the Sun.
The next time you begin a project, consider writing yourself an “insurance policy” before you start. First, visualize the goal and the best way to get there. But then, imagine all the things that might come up along the way that may have an adverse effect on the proceedings.
Finally, imagine the impact that your success may have on you and those around you. What might change or go wrong after the fact?
None of us can predict the future, and we mustn’t avoid greatness for fear of failure. We simply need to be smart in our approach and anticipate problems before they arise. Preparation can prevent a glitch from becoming an all-out debacle. Make sure you pack your floatation device!



This represents the final TALLY for resale homes STATS in the Communities of TRILOGY, VISTANCIA and BLACKSTONE. Here at TEAM Lee Moore, we hope you have enjoyed the weekly real estate STATS we publish in our TRILOGY E-NEWSLETTER known as "MONDAY MORNING COFFEE". We'll be here next year too with this and more good stuff about our Community real estate happenings!              

                                   TRILOGY REALTY FACTS 


FOR year 2017, Listed below are the basic real estate STATS for TRILOGY, VISTANCIA and BLACKSTONE. As of FRIDAY the 29th    day of DECEMBER 2017


TRILOGY.....FACT    Presently there are 53 resale homes for sale info Trilogy, and 17 homes under pending StatusThere have been 203 resale homes SOLD since beginning 2017 (The average SOLD price for those sales were $404,206 or $193.05 per sq.ft. and average days on the market were 100 days.


VISTANCIA.....FACT has 48 resale home for sale, and 8 homes under Pending Status. There have been 207 resale homes SOLD since the beginning 2017. (The average SOLD price for those sales were $318,537 or $129.34 per sq.ft., average days on the market were 66 days.)


BLACKSTONE ....FACT   Has 8 resale homes for sale, and 4 homes under Pending Status. There were 36 SOLD since beginning 2017(The average SOLD price for those sales were $571,110 or $175.11 per sq.ft., average days on the market were 120 days.

**As of 12/11 the highest priced home SOLD in TRILOGY for the past 6 months was $715,000 SOLD 7/3/2017.

**As of 12/11 the highest priced home SOLD in VISTANCIA for the past 6 months was $597,000 sold 10/1/2017


**As of 12/11 the highest priced home SOLD in BLACKSTONE since the beginning of 2017 is $975,000 SOLD 7/17/2017.

Surprisingly, there are only 626 homes for sale in ALL of PEORIA at this date! 



IN FIGURING the final tally for resale homes sold for year 2017, TRILOGY sold 203 homes, VISTANCIA sold 207 homes and BLACKSTONE sold 36 homes. A very good year for all of these communities!  (Trilogy sold 173 for year 2016)


DID YOU KNOW   In Maricopa County, there are only ,16,503 resale homes for sale. This figure of 17 to 20 thousand home inventory in Maricopa has been consistent for about 5 years. 

TEAM Lee Moore will always bring you updated/accurate real estate information taken directly  from our local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Thank you, Lee Moore

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